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The EAPS membership fee is Euro 35 per year, for all members.

You have the choice of 3 types of fees:

- the regular yearly fee of Euro 35, which gives you a 12 month membership from the day you first join

- the easy two-year fee of Euro 70 (for 24 months), reducing the risk of forgetting to pay your dues

- the special discount multi-year fee of Euro 175, which buys you 6 years (72 months)  of membership for the price of 5!

You can pay your dues with our online secure payment system. Please login with your name and your password at If you have forgotten your password you can use the forgotten password function.

Only members "in good standing" who have paid their dues, are entitled to the special EAPS membership benefits and can take part in EAPS elections. Membership benefits include the reduced member registration at our European Population Conferences (special rules apply) as well as a reduced member subscription to our European Journal of Population. To subscribe to EJP click here

Members are also kept informed on demographic events and other relevant information on a continuous basis.

Your EAPS membership begins the day you first join EAPS. When renewing your membership, a payment of 1 year will add 12 months to your current membership. Only "current" members ( in good standing) are entitled to the membership benefits.

Note that according to the EAPS By-Laws (article 4.3), members who have not paid their dues for two successive years shall be considered as having resigned. They may however be re-instated as member, provided they have paid their dues for the years of unpaid membership.