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Membership Information

EAPS membership is open to all persons who are interested or engaged in the study of population, who support the goals of EAPS, and who pay membership fees.

Membership starts on the day you first join EAPS. If you pay a 1 year fee, your membership will expire after 12 months, but it can always be renewed. You will be reminded in time about renewing your membership. When renewing, a payment of 1 year will add 12 months to the end date of the current membership. You can also use convenient multi-year fees.

It pays to keep your membership status active if you want to take advantage of the special membership benefits.

EAPS is an open organisation where members are invited to play an active role. Members may participate in all activities such as the European Population Conferences at a reduced rate. Furthermore, members may also subscribe to one of the leading scientific journals in the field, the European Journal of Population at a reduced rate.

Members can vote in EAPS elections, and are also kept informed on demographic events and other relevant information on a continuous basis.

The membership fee is kept at a low level to allow the fullest possible participation.

If you wish to join us as a new member Click Join EAPS now